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Purchase limit, unlimited, may buy as many as you like.
Redeem for 1 at home teeth whitening kit.
Redeem from home by going to Beach Bright Smiles website: www.beachbrightsmiles.com, click on "contact us" and send email, provide voucher number and redemption code and shipping address. Your kit will be shipped to you, standard shipping costs included.
Voucher has no cash value, and is refundable within 30 days of purchase only.
No expiration date.
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  • A beautiful smile is a beautiful thing!
  • Finally, no more sitting around in a waiting room forever to have your teeth whitened.
  • Safe, efficient, at-home teeth-whitening kit provides long-lasting results with LED-activated gel treatment. LED light activates whitening gel to render teeth up to eight shades brighter with no damage to enamel & results that last up to two years.
  • Redeem from home.

Get a Bright and Beautifully White Smile With a At Home Teeth Whitening Kit, from Beach Bright Smiles, a $199 Value, for Only $39

Like choosing paint swatches with an impatient spouse, teeth whitening replaces pale pistachio, bavarian cream, and summer peach with simple buckets of white. Simplify your shades with today’s Epon:

  • For $39, you get a home teeth-whitening kit from Beach Bright Smiles (a $199 value). Each kit includes:  enough gel for 20 treatments, desensitizing gel, mouth piece, retainer case and a blue LED light.

BeachBright Smiles features state-of-the-art technologies that are safe, industry-unique and very cost-effective. Our blue light emission LED lighting systems are calibrated precisely for optimal activation of our whitening gel solution. The entire teeth whitening process is accelerated and able to be completed in just 20 to 40 minutes!. Our mouthpieces are specially designed for maximum comfort and focused LED targeting. Perfect smiles are created with our trendsetting system that has been clinically proven to be unmatched in terms of safety and effectiveness. Our special lighting systems intensify the release of hydroxyl radicals that accelerate the dissipation of tooth stains. Our advanced spectrum LED light is precisely positioned and controlled. Its energy is directed just to the outside of the clear mouthpiece between the upper and lower teeth. This very safe visible blue light works in conjunction with the whitening gel to achieve extraordinary results.

How to Get Your Goods

Step 1.  Purchase your Epon using the buy button on this page.

Step 2.  No need to do go anywhere to redeem!             

  • Go to http://www.beachbrightsmiles.com 
  • click on "contact us" to send Beach Bright Smiles an email to redeem your voucher and finalize your purchase for delivery.
  • Provide your name and shipping address, voucher number and redemption code in the email text.  Beach Bright will ship your kit to you.  Shipping is included

Step 3.  Enjoy!



Friendly staff. So affordable! I did the almost the same thing through my dentist 3 years ago and paid them over $500!! I will be back! Google User

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3400 Salterbeck Rd., Suite 100-B
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29466
United States
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