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  • "Gift of Life" provides Southeast Texans extensive educational outreach that focuses on breast, prostate, testicular, ovarian, and other gynecological cancers; free mammograms and prostate cancer screenings with access to follow-up treatment for medically underserved women and men; and a tobacco prevention program, which targets both adults and children.
  • Your generosity will help the “Gift of Life” impact the lives of thousands of Southeast Texas individuals who depend upon the organization for its lifesaving screenings, diagnostic tests and access to treatment.
“We’re manly men and 
    we’re wearing bras for the cause.”
Yeah, that’s me, Don Dodd, CEO/Publisher of the Examiner Corp. and Founder of Epontoday.com, in the photo. And no, this isn’t a fashion faux-pas. The bra I’m wearing is actually part of the “Gift of Life’s” Bra-vo! Applause for the Cause, a breast cancer survivor’s project that illustrates their cancer journey. By suiting up in this bra, I drew a line in the sand against cancer, but now I need your help!  Help SUPPORT and UPLIFT the "Gift of Life" with this Epon:
  • For $1, you get to make a 100% tax free deductible donation to the "Gift of Life" BraMANia Project - Men in Pink, value: PRICELESS.

The BraMANia men will showcase their stuff at the Bra-Vo Gallery Exhibit and Reception on Thursday, September 20 from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, and plan to walk the catwalk at this year’s 2nd Annual Julie Richardson Procter 5K Ribbon Run/Walk on Saturday, September 29.

I stand proudly beside these strong and courageous women and men, who have refused to let cancer get the best of them. Please, stand with me by making a donation today!

Support your local MEN IN PINK!

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