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Purchase limit 1 per user, may buy 1 additional as a gift.
Redeemable for a unlimited use 1 week pass to Sun Rays Sauna. 1 week pass expires on the 7th day after first visit.
May not be combined with any other specials or discounts.
Voucher not refundable after first visit to merchant.
Voucher expires 11/30/2012.
Gratuity not included.
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  • More efficient than standard sauna treatments
  • Relaxing experiences
  • Detoxifying properties

For $20 You Get a One-Week Unlimited Use Pass, a $49 Value,  to Sun Rays Suana in Beaumont

The uses of the sauna extend beyond preparing microwave dinners and melting off mean faces. Experience the assets of a dry-heated space with today's Epon:

  • for $20, you get a one week, unlimited use pass for infrared-sauna sessions at Sun Rays Sauna, on Gladys Avenue, in Beaumont.  (a $49 value)

Sun Rays Sauna is an alternative therapy clinic providing a variety of services, including the infrared-sauna session, a therapeutic treatment lasting up to 45 minutes that uses a specific segment of the infrared spectrum to create beneficial heat. The infrared therapy works at lower, safer temperatures (43 to 54 degrees) than traditional steam-based saunas, but produces a radiant heat that causes the body to produce two to three times more sweat, catalyzing a mass exodus of  toxins to evaporate off your dermis.  Other benefits include improved injury healing, decreased joint pain and stiffness, and cardiovascular conditioning. Your mind will be lulled into a state of Zen-like relaxation as worrisome thoughts drip drop away during your time inside the heated oasis. 

The Company

Sun Rays Sauna

Phone: 409.860.9911

8109 Gladys Ave. Ste. 103
Beaumont, Texas 77706
United States
8109 Gladys Ave. Ste. 103
Beaumont, Texas 77706
United States
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