$100 "Max Bowl Re-loadable Card" for $50 at Max Bowl Bowling Center

Value Discount Savings
$100 50% $50

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The Fine Print

Purchase limit is unlimited, buy as many as you wish.
Redeemable for 1 re-loadable Max Bowl Entertainment Card, preloaded with $100.
Once voucher redeemed for card, card is valid toward all entertainment at Max Bowl, and Max Bowl card has no expiration.
Redeem voucher before voucher expiration date of 10/18/12.
See rules that apply to all deals.


  • Bowling
  • Arcade
  • Grill
  • Pin & Tonic Lounge
  • Laser Tag coming soon
  • Party Room

$50 Gets You a $100 to Spend at Max Bowl in Mid-County

(the $100 comes in the form of a credit on the re-loadable "Max Bowl Card")

Bowling is better with friends, as you have someone there to talk to between turns and to watch your back when pins decide they've had enough. Bring some backup with today's Epon: for $50 you get a $100 credit on a re-loadable Max Bowl Card to spend on family entertainment Max Bowl.  Max Bowl card can be used on any and all of the following.

  • Bowling
  • Tempting fare at on-site grill
  • Video Arcade
  • Laser Tag, opening soon

Gleaming lanes, modern equipment, an arcade, laser tag, bingo and tempting refreshments satisfy every stripe of striker at Max Bowl Port Arthur. Spend two rotations of the minute hand gracefully lobbing three-holed marbles at stoic ivory formations as automatic scoring systems and pin-spotters free fingers for celebratory handstands. Bowlers young and old compete to pick up strike- and spare-hitchhikers with an appropriately weighted ball from the center's stable of spheres. Before beginning the pin bombardment, players don rental shoes, ensuring their homemade bowling cleats don’t scratch polished surfaces.

Players can curb game-induced cravings with a selection from the wings, pizza, and burgers available at the on-site grill.  Max Bowl stays open late into the night for 10-pin diehards to practice and sleep-bowlers to actually bowl instead of rooting through refrigerators to throw cantaloupes at milk cartons.  

In between games, try your skills at their extensive arcade, or shooting your friends at laser tag.  Whatever, you decide Max Bowl offers a one stop shop for family entertainment.

The Company

Max Bowl

Phone: 409.722.8300

3500 Regional Drive
Port Arthur, Texas 77642
United States
3500 Regional Drive
Port Arthur, Texas 77642
United States
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